What is CryoCreate?


Think through Design

CryoCreate (CC) is an Engineering utility that helps walk Engineers, Designers, Technicians, Project Managers, and others through the engineering process and specific steps of their projects and designs from the beginning all the way up to completion. The purpose of this program is to follow along with you as you craft and develop products from the conception phase all the way up to the production phase. This is especially helpful if you are starting your career as a not yet experienced engineer or working remotely.

CC will act as a guide through all the major design and implementation project milestones and as an “inquisitive observer” who: (I) will make sure you did not miss important steps in your product or project ambitions, (II) will try to provoke an analytical and creative thought processes while you work on your plans. All the detailed calculations or implementations will be up to you to finalize. Each of the Core Project Types with included Elements has been written by engineers and specialists who have years of experience in their respective fields. You might look at these recommendations critically. However, keep in mind that our only goal is to help YOU create a better product.