Why Vival?

Sink or Swim

"If a business can bear the harshest winter it will indeed have the brightest summer..." Vival Logo 2020 has been a defining moment for all humankind. It is another great step and a major milestone towards progress, unity, and change. We have been faced with much opposition, but also great opportunity at the same time. While many small and medium businesses are shutting down all around us, there are plenty of strong and resilient companies rising and taking the lead. After the dust settles, we as people will have a few eye-opening realizations about the way we conduct business and what the word modern means to a company. What we will start to notice is that there is a list of new industries starting to emerge because of our increased reliance on technology. Because the world is changing, there is now a need for a different kind of employee and new vision of how a company should operate. The careers and professions that you may have read about in magazines or seen in futuristic movies are starting to come to fruition and are starting to breathe new life, weather you know it or not.

Closed Business

"The time is now!"

Adaptability will ultimately be the key to modernization. The time has come for companies to either sink or swim. If they do not adapt, they will be left behind to crumble into ruins.

A major and vital aspect of modernization and adaptability is the creation of the nonexistent. As opposed to only embracing linear growth and derivatives of companies from other companies, the start of the new would usher out the old and weak. At the turn of 19th century, the world was introduced to a major new industry which would ultimately become a complete game changer for all of humankind. It was the invention of the Airplane in 1903. This was now a new mark in history creating a true connection for humans for the first time since the advent or ships. People now had the ability to travel vast distances over much shorter periods of time. Even though this was just the beginning of modern aviation, it was also a defining time, because it was when the framework and foundation was being laid out.

We are also in a similar situation after the end of the 20th century. Although, we had several key industries carry us over from the end of the 2000's, they ultimately helped pave the way for what we have now. Some examples:

  1. Commercial Drone Industry
  3. Alternative Financial Systems
  5. Climate Industry
  7. Rapid and Smart Transit
  9. Dismantling Indusry

Because of these, we are now looking at a brand-new workforce to be able to fill positions that essentially have never existed in the past. Time to realize that the imagination is now the real. These is the fantasy jobs of yesterday taking over our lives today, and this is only the beginning. When we embrace these new jobs, these new possibilities, we will be able to accomplish much more than we ever have. The 21st century is already starting to leave the 20th in the dust.

Rapid Transit This is where Vival comes in. It is here to help match modern companies with the modern and open-minded employee. Skill and capability selection is for the job seekers while the industry selector will help Vival know what companies are looking for. Keeping up with the latest marketable skills is as important as ever. So go ahead, give it a chance. We want to help you and we would absolutely love for you to succeed no matter if you are a future employee or a modern company ready to embrace the modern workforce.

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Created: 09/05/2020