What is INGNR?


Journey through time forges a road to discovery... What is INGNR It all started with the idea of connecting engineers. Hence the name, INGNR. It is actually pronounced the same way, a homonym of sorts. The word "Connecting" always seemed to be the natural path forward and driving force for many concepts and ideas in the early 2010's. Everyone wanted to connect everyone else to just about everything that was on the internet. The idea might have been interesting, only if it was not too similar to LinkedIn, or many other websites or well-established companies.

The company actually did start with its roots purely in engineering, along with some innovation thrown in there. Back then it was a group of engineers working towards designing new things in each of the main disciplines. This was back in 2017, right around the time that Houston, TX was dealing with Hurricane Harvey. The idea then was to see if the infrastructures of the city could be improved so that it would help mitigate massive effects of flooding. All efforts were put towards it, but ultimately, things just did not work out.

"Then what are we doing...?"

INGNR crawled into a hibernation mode of sorts, not to be seen again until mid-2018. After resurfacing, all the ideas and the mindset were headed straight towards design and engineer. This time though, it was about life and the human experience. Just like two metals being alloyed, the relationship between engineering and life started to form. Life OS At first, the concept was quite simple. The objective was to create a visual representation of the pillars of everyday life. This included things like travel, communication, food, fashion, and several others. Eventually ideas were tossed around to include a business section that would complement the regular person section. These were initially mapped out by several key cities.

It was right around the end of 2018, going into 2019, when the notion of INGNR Cybernetics started appearing. The fundamental ideology for this, of course, was the connection of humans and digital systems safely and intelligently. The idea behind it was that instead of giving attention only to the human, or 100% only to the machine, it would do both. Otherwise this would create an unbalanced existence.

As summer approached in 2019, the initial framework was starting to form. With all the combined ideas of engineering, cybernetics, and the human experience, and of course exploration and adventure, the initial product began to take shape. The complete package was essentially a Life Design system that would be used to generate events, after looking at your daily routine, and get you to explore the "road not traveled by" [you].

The small project was a success, and performed well and as intended. The only problem that kept coming up was the fact that it did not fully fulfill the entire long vision into the future. Life Design was just scratching the surface and was rooted in typical day to day things rather than incorporating any elements of pure fantasy. Life Design "It was made to be the operating system for life...", as it was stated, therefore the box looked like a packaged MS Office product. The Life Design was the "OS" and each of the core elements, that originally represented the pillars of everyday life, were the "apps". These core elements were designed to be bundles of hints or rather directives as you explored the life that you wanted to have...

Then came the automation and realization!

The moment of truth was here. All of the ideas, the elements, the Life Design, the software like backdrop, all were leading to only one logical place. A different world. It was a Dream World! That is when the INGNR Interchange was born. The Interchange was an interesting concept, an no doubt it was special. Interchange From this breakthrough, rose the parallel between the interchange and transportation systems. One decent example would be the modern train. The INGNR Interchange was a terminal that had different gateways that would lead to various destinations. The interchange was the junction, or the connection point for all the people to hop on and take an adventure somewhere. The best part of it all was that it was not a physical location, but rather a digital "hub". People would check in and check out just like they would for a terminal to get on a plane or a train. Instead of choosing their own destinations, they had a ticket created for them. This would take the guess work and the endless weighing of options out of where to go and what to do. They would then "enter" the gateway that would put them into this "Dream World". This mindset would take people to a home away from home metaphorically, and they could finally be the best version of themselves and live life to the fullest.

This of course is just the beginning, and this is the current state of events for the INGNR Dream World Division. The time seems to be perfect right now because people just want to get away from the everyday chaos and struggles and find some place where they could just enjoy life and not have the walls squeezing them too hard. An escape is what they want, and the INGNR Dream world could be the key ingredient to bring this to them. This is a new concept and seems to be a bit out there. No, this is neither VR nor is it a complete immersion into the gaming world. This is your collective consciousness and a complement of a technology layer right on top. Think of this as a new way to look at the existing world with the existing geography, but with new scripting, directives, and challenges. The possibilities are endless...

Check out the the INGNR Dream World by clicking Here.

Aside from the INGNR Dream World, there are several other elements. Combined, this makes a complete package known as the INGNR suite along with the slogan of "Innovative Elements for a Modern World". The objective is to develop several key areas at once that can complement each other in their functionality. The Dream World is designed for explorers and adventurers. We have briefly touched on this topic above, so there is no need to go into detail about it.

The next element in the package is the CryoCreate system. The motto is "Think through Design". This program is meant for engineers, technicians, project managers, designers, and others. The goal of CryoCreate is to build that design and engineering intuition by creating thought provoking questions, directives, and statements. This also provides a steady and helpful avenue for the newer and more inexperienced engineers. They can have that inquisitive coworker or serious manager sitting right next to them asking questions from direct experience while not having one there. One of the key aspects of CryoCreate, of course, is that it also gives more freedom to work from home and allows the person to have some autonomy.

Created: 08/10/2020
Updated: 08/29/2020