How can CryoCreate help Engineers?

Think Design

From "Here is a thought..." to "This is what I brought!" CryoCreate Banner After several great years of education the aspiring new engineer is now ready to tackle the world's toughest problems and create breathtaking designs and solutions to everyday problems. Does coming out of school instantly connect you with the design intuition that one needs to be able to become a "master" at the craft and be able to make those ideas and concepts come to life? It is not always that easy...

Having an engineering, design, or any similar technical background gives you and excellent foundation to begin your journey. It tells the world that "Hey, I can take on anything you throw at me!". There is a problem though... Just like owning a car for the first time in your life, does not necessarily give you the fine hand movements and the necessary cognition to instantly drive like a racecar professional. Those skills are built over time and are usually honed over many years. So just because you are ready to model, draw, calculate, prototype, and brainstorm, does not mean that the intuition is there already.

About CryoCreate

"A head start on your peers..."

So what can help engineers do what they do? Just as your goal is to solve design and engineering problems, it is our mission to enhance the process itself. The result is CryoCreate

The key concept here is Intuitive Questions. The internet is already full or great resources and a vast collection of reading and reference materials for all engineers to use instantly. There is no problem in finding what the formula for Ohm's law is or looking up the gravitational constant just in case you forgot it. There is quality modeling and calculations software available at a cost for companies and individuals to use. All these tools are readily at your disposal and are used by everyone in the industry. What is not necessarily readily available is the "Flow". This is internal and cannot be purchased or downloaded, but it can be built.

The flow is the difference between using SolidWorks to create a 3D model file to send to a customer and knowing intuitively to use a universal file type so that all customers would have an easier time viewing the files. CryoCreate isn't just a list of steps, but rather thought inducing questions, directives, and observations which enable the person to actually think through the design process.

The flow helps forge intuition and help you to not rely so much on memorization. This provides the tools for How to do something instead of following a punch list of logical steps. Engineering Of course we cannot forget one of the most important and relevant aspects of CryoCreate. The nature of the program is intuitively geared for working from home! Imagine a new engineer just starting out... This new engineer probably has quite a lot of questions about how to do something, or what is the best "x" tool to use, or what is the next logical step in the design process. He could endlessly call, text, or message his boss, project manager, or experienced coworker and ask all these questions. This would work, but it does not seem too productive or even like a good learning experience. Imagine if CryoCreate was that inquisitive project manager, or knowledgeable boss sitting next you and pointing your in the right direction. Just imagine the possibilities and imagine what can stem from this.

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