What is World Number 2?

"We used to live on farms, now we live in cities, and we will soon live on the internet"

"When you want to really envision what the internet will look like in the not too distant future..." World Number 2 From its humble beginnings, the internet was just a fun little hobby that a few enjoyed and most had no idea what it was really about or how it could be useful in their everyday lives. Connections were slow and cumbersome, usually tied up the phones lines, and sometimes even difficult to sustain with a typical 56K modem. This practically made it a wasted effort to be connected. Then, right around the turn of the century, despite the situation, the interest started to gain some momentum and as new utilities and company websites went online, more people started to join. It was not a fast process at first, but at some point, things just snapped into place. People were using messengers, chat rooms, looking up endless articles for school, and of course, playing games.

The internet steadily became a place where the average joe would want to spend some extra time as opposed to just quickly glancing at email and jumping offline. Social networks emerged, online marketplaces grew in interest and usage, and endless companies, organizations, and random websites began to fill up the digital sphere. The internet went from being a hobby to an essential part of our lives and an everyday reality for almost half of the world. People were being connected to everything, and everything was being connected to everything else. It was chaos, but fortunately it was controlled chaos. Eventually it became time for a move.

The internet

"Time to go..."

As of 2020, we simply cannot imagine life without being connected and online. So many programs, websites, online services, and all other digital replications of life have been created, technology essentially has begun the integration into humanity. There is more though...

A time has come to move slightly beyond where we have reached thus far. It is time to be able to not only have a social media profile, a personal website, or a blog online, but also property. Property inside the the web that allows you to be graphically represented online, rather than just indexed in a search engine and lost in the pages. It is time, as a small business, to appear differently to your customers, because you just may be hidden somewhere deep within the layers of the web. It is also time for the internet to work towards being friendly for all and transition to a new dynamic where you have a choice of where and how and where you are displayed.

Que in World Number 2. This is where we are now. World Number 2 is a fictional world online but with real people and companies and some serious implications. Imagine buying a house, renting an apartment, or finding a condo without all the hardships of reality. The prices are low, there are other actual people around you, there are real companies moving into commercial properties. There is so much to discover, so many new people to potentially interact with, and myriad of other opportunities. The world is moving online, World Number 2 is the next logical step.

To outline a few very real and solid examples about how World Number 2 is different:

  1. Graphical representation of people and companies
  3. Indirect Social Networking
  5. Exploration based
  7. Unique advertising methods
  9. Strategic Data

Because of these, World Number 2 can cater to many previously unknown entities and help facilitate a new dynamic for individuals. The possibilities are endless. Try it out for yourself, buy a residential property, represent your company, or even just submit artwork, films, and other various items to institutions and organizations around the city.

Lease Property

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Created: 09/16/2020